The Social Connectivity for Web3: An Insight into Qrolli Protocol

2 min readAug 8, 2023



In the burgeoning era of Web3, Qrolli stands as a beacon of innovation and decentralization in the world of social media. Crafting an entirely new paradigm, Qrolli intertwines the essential aspects of social connectivity with the promises of Web3, leading us into “The Social Connectivity for Web3” age.

Key Features of Qrolli:

  1. Decentralized Foundation:
  • Anchored on Polygon, Qrolli offers data immutability, ensuring that users’ digital footprints remain transparent and untampered.
  • Beyond just a platform, Qrolli is a catalyst for a myriad of interconnected social networks, each benefiting from a common user base.

2. On-Chain Innovations:

  • On-Chain Posts: A paradigm shift, ensuring creators retain full ownership and control of their content.
  • On-Chain Following: Solidify connections securely on the blockchain.
  • On-Chain Polls: A platform for unbiased, tamper-resistant voting, echoing the true voice of the users.

3. Engagement & Monetization:

  • Tipping: Using QR tokens, users can directly reward and support their favorite creators.
  • Subscriptions (Super Follow): Dive into a world of exclusive content and experiences.
  • Post Collecting: Elevate user experience with a gamified twist to treasure content.
  • Token-Gated Content: Create an exclusive aura, allowing only specific token holders access to unique content.
  • Profile Manager: A personalized hub to curate and manage one’s digital presence on the platform.
  • Split Revenue from Posts: Foster collaboration, allowing creators to share post revenues with co-contributors.
  • Community Profiles: Functioning akin to DAOs, these profiles will evolve and be maintained based on the collective activity and contribution of the community, encouraging more participation and unified growth.

4. The Qrolli Digital ID:

  • A path-breaking on-chain, NFT-supported identity reflecting a user’s odyssey within the Qrolli cosmos.
  • Each Qrolli ID is synonymous with a distinctive ENS domain, culminating in “.qr”, the hallmark of decentralized identity.

5. Evolution in Progress:

  • With relentless innovation at its core, Qrolli is constantly enhancing its offerings — be it the freshly minted UI/UX design, upcoming Mobile/Tablet adaptability, and more.

6. QR Token: The Heartbeat of Qrolli:

  • Not just a currency, QR tokens are the very lifeblood of Qrolli, empowering diverse utilities, from collecting posts to a visionary revenue-sharing blueprint for creators based on QR token holdings.

7. Third-Party Integrations: Expanding the Horizon:

  • XMTP Decentralized Chat: Ensuring conversations remain private and secure, free from centralized oversight.
  • Huddle01 Live Spaces: Infusing real-time interactions, bringing users closer than ever in the virtual realm.
  • Li.Fi Cross-Chain Swaps: Offering flexibility and smooth cross-chain transactions, so users are never limited by boundaries.

8. Fostering Web3 Synergy:

As part of its commitment to Web3, Qrolli actively supports the creation and growth of interconnected, user-owned social networks. These networks benefit from a shared user base and unified social graph, making every connection, every share, every like, more potent than its centralized counterparts.