RewardHub: Qrolli Social Network’s Strategic Initiative for Enhanced User Engagement

3 min readOct 19, 2023

Discover Qrolli’s RewardHub!

Ever imagined a place within Qrolli where every post, every click, every chat, and every trade makes a difference? Welcome to RewardHub, a special corner of Qrolli where we don’t just notice your dedication — we celebrate it with rewards! Dive in and see how Qrolli makes every moment count.

  1. The RewardHub Point System: Maximizing Your Engagement
  • On-Chain Contributions: Every on-chain post you make not only showcases your perspective but directly contributes to your score.
  • Engage and Appreciate: Acts of appreciation like tipping or collecting add to your score. They are tangible signs of your engagement in the community.
  • Networking Value: Every user you invite enhances the platform’s network and boosts your position in the reward hierarchy.
  • Community Engagement: Every new subscriber and every profile followed represents deeper involvement within RewardHub, further augmenting your score.
  • Share Coins Trading Volume: Engage in trading Qrolli Share Coins and experience a direct uplift in your score. This isn’t just a transaction; it’s an investment in the RewardHub ethos.

2. Equitable & Transparent Reward Distribution:

At the end of each distribution period, RewardHub is committed to a clear and transparent reward distribution process. Our methodology takes into account both your general engagement scores and your involvement via Qrolli Share Coins:

User’s Reward = [(User’s General Points + User’s ShareCoin Points) / Total Points] × Reward Amount (in Matic)

By incorporating both sets of points, we ensure that your every contribution and investment in the platform is duly recognized and rewarded.

3. The Invitational Hierarchy: Ascend the Ranks

🥉 Bronze Tier (Invite 100 people): By achieving the Bronze Tier, you’ve taken the first solid step in expanding our community. A 1.2x multiplier on your score reflects your budding influence.

🥈 Silver Tier (Invite 300 people): As a Silver Tier member, your consistent efforts in bolstering our network don’t go unnoticed. Your score experiences a 1.5x uplift, representing your growing prominence within RewardHub.

🥇 Gold Tier (Invite 500 people): Reaching the Gold Tier is a testament to your dedication and exceptional outreach. Enjoy a 1.7x enhancement on your score as a token of our appreciation for your unwavering commitment.

💎 Diamond Tier (Invite 1000 people): The pinnacle of engagement. Your exemplary contribution in expanding the RewardHub family earns you a 2x surge in your score. This is not just a tier; it’s a badge of honor and distinction in our community.

Tier System Disclaimer:
Our current tier system at RewardHub is designed with our users’ best interests in mind. However, please note that the tier system may be subject to future changes. We’ll always prioritize fairness and keep our community informed of any updates.

Concluding Remarks:

In the big online world, there are countless places to chat, post, and trade. But at Qrolli, we want to make sure you know just how special you are to us. That’s why we made RewardHub. Every time you do something on our platform, we notice, and we want to give back. RewardHub is our promise that, with Qrolli, you’re not just another user; you’re part of our family. So, come on in, get involved, and see all the exciting rewards waiting for you!