Qrolli’s Future Development Plans: A Glimpse into Tomorrow

2 min readSep 11, 2023

At Qrolli, we believe that the future is built today. As we constantly strive to offer our users the best experience, we’re thrilled to announce some of our forthcoming integrations and features that aim to redefine the world of decentralized social media.

1. X Integration for Verification: In our pursuit of authenticity and trust, we’re integrating a feature that allows Qrolli users to verify their profiles using their X credentials, earning a distinctive blue checkmark on Qrolli.

2. Signless Transactions (TXs): To ensure seamless user experience, we’re working towards integrating signless transactions. This feature will remove the hassles of signing every action, allowing users to enjoy a smoother on-chain experience.

3. Introducing the Qrolli Relayer: High gas fees have always been a concern for blockchain users. With the Qrolli Relayer, we aim to change that. The Relayer is designed to cover all on-chain operations’ expenses, offering users a practically gas-free environment. From profile creation to post interactions — we’ve got it covered.

4. Qrolli Share Bot for Telegram: To increase accessibility and efficiency, we’re unveiling the Qrolli Share Bot for Telegram. This integration will enable users to interact directly with the Qrolli share contract, allowing them to buy and sell shares instantly, all from the convenience of their Telegram app.