Qrolli — The Next Era of Decentralized Social! 🚀

1 min readAug 21, 2023


1/ The Vision:

Imagine a social landscape where each interaction is on-chain, verifiable, and valuable. That’s Qrolli. Bridging the realms of social media and blockchain in one seamless experience.

2/ Dynamic NFT Profile: Qrolli ID 🆔

Every user gets a unique .qr handle, an authentic digital identity. It’s not just an ID; it’s an asset, dynamic and tradable.

3/ Creator Empowerment

Qrolli isn’t just a platform, it’s a universe where creators command genuine value:

  • Earn from content with token-gated posts 🚪
  • Limit or monetize post collecting 🏆
  • Decide who interacts with your posts 💬

4/ Qrolli Shares: Creator Valuation 💹

Every Qrolli ID mints its shares, traded in real-time. It’s not just about followers; it’s about real stake and value in a creator’s digital journey.

5/ On-Chain Referral System 🌐

Expand the Qrolli family, and get rewarded! A transparent, on-chain mechanism to benefit from growing your circle.

6/ Decentralized Chat & Spaces 🌌

Real-time conversations, all decentralized. From texts to audio/video spaces, enjoy authenticity without borders.

7/ For the Community 🌍

Beyond creators, it’s about community growth. With features like on-chain referrals, the community doesn’t just participate; it thrives & earns.

🔗 Dive in, experience the decentralized difference. Shape the socials of tomorrow with #Qrolli!